Unofficial/Undocumented/Experimental features/commands

The commands listed below are found inside the Leadwerks C++ headers. All these functions are not officially supported or are experimental features. If a command has '//lua' behind it, then the command is also available in Lua.


  • virtual void SetLightQuality(const int quality);lua
  • virtual Vec4 GetAmbientLight();
  • virtual Vec3 GetGravity();lua
  • virtual void SetGravity(const float x, const float y, const float z);lua
  • virtual void Clear(const bool force=false);lua
  • virtual void SetTessellationQuality(const float tessfactor);lua
  • virtual float GetTessellationQuality();lua
  • virtual int CountEntities();lua
  • virtual Entity* GetEntity(const int n);lua
  • virtual Entity* FindEntity(const std::string& name);lua
  • virtual bool UpdateNavigation();
  • virtual bool NavMeshFinished();
  • void SetTessellationQuality(const float tessfactor);lua
  • float GetTessellationQuality();//lua


Texture::SetLoadingMode(int mode)

  • virtual bool GetClampMode(const int axis=0);lua
  • static void SetAnisotropy(const float anisotropy);lua
  • static float GetAnisotropy();lua
  • static float GetMaxAnisotropy();lua
  • virtual int GetFormat();lua
  • virtual void SetClampMode(const bool x, const bool y=false, const bool z=false);lua


  • Camera::SetDebugPhysicsMode
  • virtual int GetMultisampleMode();lua
  • virtual int GetRenderMode();lua
  • virtual int GetLightingMode();lua
  • virtual void SetDebugEntityBoxesMode(const bool mode);lua
  • virtual bool GetDebugEntityBoxesMode();lua
  • virtual void SetDebugPhysicsMode(const bool mode);lua
  • virtual void SetDebugNavigationMode(const bool mode);lua
  • virtual bool GetDebugNavigationMode();lua
  • virtual bool GetDebugPhysicsMode();lua
  • virtual Asset* GetSkybox();lua
  • Shape::ConvexDecomposition()
  • Buffers


  • void Entity::CallFunction( String functionName ); //Calls a function inside the lua script attached to the entity
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